Server reconnection guide for TV users

I have a recent notice in the latest version of the STSC app - Server reconnection guide for TV users.
For some reason @SmartThings hasn’t posted any notice about this in the community forum, so here to ask, what is this really and how will this affect TV users? - It is a bit muddy as it doesn’t give any detailed answer - This change will also depend on your location, TV model year and TV model.

Any official feedback would be appreciated from Samsung or SmartThings.

I saw this too, read it many times, and still have no clue WTF it means. :confused:


CYA in case they’re caught with your viewing history data and sell it somewhere and you start getting ads on your devices and stuff magically appears on your Alexa shopping list…

Say what now?

Tell it to @JDRoberts and his brand new dental intraoral camera.


lol, yeah I saw that post!


@erickv, @SamsungZell

As you are the two aforementioned “community staff”, would you mind to give us some explanation about the Notice, posted above, from the SmartThings app.


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I did notice the other day when I opened the TV device in the app, I had to accept the connection in a pop-up on the TV before the device loaded. I would be curious to know how long this time-out period is before it requires you to accept the connection again.

Hey guys!

Thanks for reaching out to me directly.

I’d be happy to tag this post for feedback to get the details from developers of how that message affects those TV users who received the message.

It appears that is it Targeted for Users who have not connected to Smartthings on their TV in a while, I’d be happy to escalate to see if I can locate the time period before you have to accept the connection again.

I hope this message finds you all well.


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It is a general notice in the new app. I don’t own a TV which is ST compatible, or at least I am not aware of it, or was unable to add to ST (It is a 2014/2015 H series Samsung TV), and I can see the notice in the app.