New app, no room list

Got a new phone and installed the new app. Is it just me or is their no “my home” tab that has a list of rooms so you can click on the room to see the devices in it?

All Rooms and Devices are in the Devices tab in the lower menu. There is no longer a separate section for Rooms and Things as there was in the Classic app.

Got any I don’t like it. Not as easy and fast as the old app.

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Totally agree. Classic still works perfectly fine.

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Yeah, for someone with a limited amount of devices, the layout in the connect app is…OK.

However, someone who has +250 devices, it’s a nightmare trying to get to anything. If you do finally get to the device you are looking for, you still have to wait for the device to populate.

Sad thing is, I can’t use the “Things” Tab in the Classis App anymore either so I REALLY rely on Rooms…


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