I need advice organizing Rooms

In the vastly superior Classic app. The main page ONLY showed the names of Rooms, and did NOT show the items in that room. One would just tap on the room name and the room would open like a computer folder showing you everything in that room. (I should say, I don’t actually use these as rooms but as categories.)

Is there a way to have only the room names show up on the main page of the app, and then tap on that room name to see what’s inside, in a similar fashion that the Classic app used to do?

Using iOS on iPhone 12.

Tap and hold on a device to hide it from the main screen If you hid all devices in a room you will be left with a header only and a blank box saying no favorite devices.

I hate they decided to show all devices by default - it doesn’t do anything for discoverability of the favorite device feature.

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Thank you, Nathan!

Your advice does make it better, but sadly I’m left with a GIANT button below the room name that reads “No favorite devices”. I wish I could get a “mind wipe” and delete my happy memories of the Classic app. I find that the new app takes about 3-5 times longer to execute a simple on and off switch. I also miss the tactile feedback that the Classic app gave you whenever you pushed a button. The Classic app buttons felt like a real switch.

Thanks again Nathan, you are brilliant on this forum, and you are a positive asset to all of humanity.

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Yes, that is particularly annoying. You can delete the whole room from the dashboard but that doesn’t do what you want either.

There is, of course, the Rooms menu which gives a button per room, but sadly ridiculously big buttons instead of a nice compact list.

It would be nice to be able to choose which page you want the app to open up on.

Hello Graham,
Is the dashboard the first start up screen? I don’t know about the rooms menu, where is that? Maybe I should be using the rooms menu instead of the dashboard?

Yes, the dashboard is another name for the home screen. SmartThings do like their inconsistent terminology.

In Android the Rooms menu is on the main menu (the three line ‘hamburger’ menu).