Devices not showing up

New smartthings app. My devices show up under all devices when I use the hamburger upper left
But when I try to add a device to a room or to a smart app nothing is there to add …


Are the devices already assigned to rooms in the Classic app?

Yes I believe they are… do I need to get rid of the classic app?? And move on??

possible the devices and/or rooms are hidden on the main dashboard…

To check, click on More (Three dots in the upper right of the screen) and touch Edit. From there, you will see a list of Rooms. If there is a check mark to the left of each field, then they are not hidden on the dashboard. Further, if you click on the arrow to the right of each room name, you will get the devices listed for each room. Same as rooms, if they have a check to the left of each device name, they will appear on the dashboard under the room. If they are not checked they are hidden.

Ahhh found it… I had 2 locations set up and it was defaulting to the wrong one…
Thanks for your help… so can I just delete the classic… ?? Or will I break things??

Thanks again

Before removing the classic…

Remove any SHM custom rules and all settings, then remove SHM.

Remove any presence sensors you set up in classic.

Clear out any routines you were using.

Then you can remove the classic app.

Ok… how about smart apps… like core… do I need to do anything with them… will they transfer?/

Thanks again

All the apps will transfer. Two places to look… menu > SmartApps or menu > settings (the cogwheel) > connected services.

And this is my opinion… if you are using CoRE, you should really look into upgrading to webCoRE