ST Connect Automations

(Craig McFarlane) #1

Hi Guys.

So i am giving the connect app a go. I am hoping i am missing something here. So under the Classic app i have a custom Goodbye , Welcome home and Goodnight automation.

On the Connect app, i click Devices, the three little dots in the top right corner, Add Scene , give it a name and icon , click Add Actions. When i do this i dont see any devices listed?

Is this because i have them setup in the classic app?

(Bryan) #2

Maybe it’s because Samsung hasn’t migrated you yet. The common consensus is that you should not use the new app until Samsung advises that you have been migrated.

(jkp) #3

This thread is a good resource…


Do not use the new app until support tells you individually that your account is ready to do so.

See the official FAQ