New app - Network Error Couldn't add automation

Recently converted to using new app.
getting this error when trying to create automation
I have only have 1 automation that saved, I have no scenes saved yet
and a few smart apps carried in from old app. IE: webcore,.action tiles, NST manager
the others are SmartThings . I have cleaned up many non-needed actions
I Have only 107 devices listed, and am using V2 hub, iOS app
Have tried all types of automations, from simple lighting to mode and SMH changes.
nothing will save. can’t seem to find anything new on this subject or problem

iOS or Android? latest version installed?

Using iOS app, app is the latest version

I am using iOS and am not seeing this issue. Definitely contact ST support and report the issue. You may want to test Smart Lighting if you have any lights you want to automate to see if those work. Doesn’t help with everything else though.

I wonder if support will ask you to uninstall the ST app and reinstall it :slight_smile: or reset network settings on your iPhone

I’m having the same issue, latest android app version.

I add the automation, then get the network error.

Automation actually works, but when I go to automations in the app, no automation is displayed.

I have contacted support thru their e-mail platform.
their 1st suggestion was trying switching between my wi-fi and LTE
which I have tried and did not resolve.
their 2nd suggestion was as you noted, re-install app, re-boot devices
which I also tried and did not resolve.
Thirdly was to try on any various devices, and try and edit what I do have.
my other device “iPad” is doing the same thing.
I can edit the 1 automation I did manage to save, but that is it.
I also can not add any scenes without the same error, so I have no scenes at present

I believe I may be experiencing something similar. but experience is erratic
One of my attempted automations was to arm SHM when presences is gone.
I experienced an intrusion alarm while not home (but wife was home)
It seemed like automation was working, but did not show in the automation listing on app.
So today when I left and no one was home I checked the app to see if my SHM had armed and set mode to away.
And It was not, so still don’t think its running

Just curious… how many locations do you have? Login to IDE at and go to My Locations from the menu. Do you only see one?

Sorry I didn’t answer this sooner. but I did check location in the IDE a while back
And I have only the one location and one hub showing on the IDE login
I have been working with support, but they still have not resolved my problem.
I have decided to upgrade my Hub V2 to a version V3. And I am in the process of the migration right now.
I should have this done in another day or two.
I will post an update once I have completed my migration. and re-establish any smart apps and connected services I need.
Somewhere down the road Im sure eventually I will need to move to a V3 hub anyways, so I figure this is as good as time as any. I will let you know if my problem is resolved once I am up and running again on V3 hub

I have completed my migration to V3 hub. “for the most part”
I still have a few things to tweak here and there, and merge with some services.
But as of today, I am still not able to create any automations with out this error
In fact I also have a smart button, I am unable to create actions for, I get the same error.
I decide it was time to go back to using Smartthings Classic, for some of my needed routines.
Well guess what the routines tab on the automations page is now gone / Missing !
I deleted my old routines when I intialy commited to using the new app.
So for now I will be in limbo until something gets fixed.
Support from smartthings has been slow and basically each time they finally reply they have nothing new.
I was told there will be an update coming in the upcoming week for the classic app.
to resolve the missing routines tab, and other issues with the 2.18 release

I have the same error and support is clueless…

You are hitting a limit of 250 “actions” in your automations which is preventing the creation of new automations.

I was also told by support I am at or near the 250 limit also .
which is impossible, as I have No automations.
Today I decided to call support (as E-mail support seemed to be a dead end).
I was told today, they are still working on my problem. and the problem was ghost behaviors showing or running in the back ground. Either from previous attempts of creating automations that did not save or old stuff deleted but did not clear when actually deleted from my account.

On a side note I tried got go back to the classic app, but guess what the routines tab is missing.
So now I can’t even go backwards

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On a side note: a 250 behavior limit is ridicules. I sure hope this is only a temporary move.
hitting 250 will happen so fast, especially based on how they calculated or define a behavior.
I like smartthings and Im ok with being patient as the work thru the new development. But if there are going to be limits like these, I may be looking into a new platform.
I am fearful we will see more changes that lock down this automation platform.
As they seem to be gearing this up for the out of the box simple/ basic user experience. which is ok.
But dont lock out the users who want to take it to the next level

Tom - I got a chance to look into your issue and cleared out the 250 actions. Can you try adding an automation? I also removed/re-added Hello Home so you should see the Routines tab in the Classic app again.

The 250 limit is definitely being assessed and I think it will be increased but am unable to say when. I also believe there is work to improve the experience when the limit is hit. As you’ve come to frustratingly understand, it isn’t very clear what the issue is when it happens.


Hi Brad,

Yes I can confirm that I can now create some automations.

I have only tried a few simple ones at present.

And my routines tab (on Classic app has returned), however if the new app can now provide me the needed automations I will try and stick to using the new app.

I also noticed that you or the team has also deleted some scenes that I had created.

No problem, I can re-create them.

But i am curious do these scenes count as behaviors / actions, which fall into the behaviors limit rule ? which Im guessing is still at 250

Please let me know so I can try and figure out ways to minimize behaviors.

IE: If I create one scene to insure all my house lighting is off, this one scene alone could almost take me to a peak 250 limit.

Also the ghost behaviors, is there a reason my account was logging and still showing all these behaviors.

Were these automations I attempted to create but did not save “do to network error” or ones I deleted for old apps which never fully were removed.

Were any of these maybe associated with webcore pistons ? as at one time i did have many things running from there.

  • IE: Pistons that would check some of my devices every 1/2 hour for offline status.
  • Piston checking humidity sensor every 15min. and logging to control an exhaust fan
  • Piston which would run a light & color rotation” for holiday lights “repeat over and over until a set time"

These listed webcore pistons are just a highlights, and not sure these regularly running pistons will cut into behavior limits.

In short I just want to insure Im not doing anything on my end to create a problem.

so any advice or direction to keep things running smoothly is greatly appreciated

Again thank you for all your hard work and working with me to resolve this problem


To add a note: In future updates, it would be nice to have restrictions for automations
IE: a simple automation I have is to set SHM and mode when my wife’s presences and my presences leave
In the past I restricted this from running if I was in a mode other than home. a mode I have called “Home Guest” which I would set if we had someone baby sitting or other wise in the house when we’re not there.
I would use this mode to prevent specific automations from running, for which my guests may not be an accustomed too.
I think I may have figured out a work around answers for my own desire above, but in general a restriction segment which would allow for easier set-up and easier for users to pre-determine


Hi I’m having this issue as we speak. I can’t create any automations at all. I’m from Sweden and the swedish support told my to reset my phone and hub but the problem still exists. Please can you help me because my support I Sweden can’t seem to help me.

You are hitting the 250 action limit for automations. You will need to remove automations or condense the actions into Scenes.

See HELP! A network or server error occurred. Try again later

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Hi Brad,

I just switched over to the new app and am trying to recreate my “everyone leaves, goodbye” and “someone arrives, I’m back” routines using member location/presence to arm/disarm smart home monitor and I’m getting this same error message.

I don’t think I’m at the 250 behaviors limit as I’m able to make other automations and scenes. Can you please take a look?