Network Error when saving Scenes

Hi All :slight_smile: Using Sylvania LEDs with Philips Hue. Everything was working fine, until today, when trying to edit the scenes I have setup in the Smartthings App, it give me a “Network Error” message and does not allow me to save. Obviously I have tested the network, works fine. I’ve also tried downloading the app to my ipad and it gives me the same errors.

Any ideas?

P.s. I already tried turning off and on the smartthings hub.

Having same issue… did you get it figured out?

I’m having the same problem!

I assume this error is occurring in the new SmartThings app, not the Classic app? iOS or Android?

Also, is this error received when trying to save any Scene or just certain ones? That will help narrow down if it is specific devices.

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Yes, this happens with the new IOS SmartThings app. The classic one won’t let me edit scenes because it says they were created with a more recent version of the app.

If I edit any scene and make any change (even changing the name of it) and hit Save, it says “Network error”. This used to work… the last time I recall using it was a few months ago.

I’m having the same issue with a scene I can only edit in New app. Can’t edit it in the old app. iOS version.

Same problem on new App. Just migrated from Classic ST and regretting it already. Having similar problems with Automation saving errors as well. For me I have to delete and recreate as workaround. I started using scenes given I was encountering save errors on Automations. Both don’t work.

+1 here. Exact same problem.

I have a similar issue. I get the Network Error when I try to edit scene icons and particular scenes. I realize it only occurs on scenes that contain device types other than On/off light switches. If I try to edit a scene with a dimmer it will throw the Network Error.

Having the same issue.

It started yesterday. Ended up removing all automations and scenes to troubleshoot. Looks like this is more widespread and not user side.

Unable to add any new scenes or automations. So my whole system is kaput now. Great.

Yep, I hit the wall today with ST when my iPhone presence state has been getting worse and constant auto logoff issues from both my and wife phones, so pending next release I am tearing down all my ST (new) automations (which TBH are inferior) and going back to ST Classic until reliability improves

Refer Ongoing Auto-Logoff with new ST app which covers my log off issues.

Same problem here. Did anyone find a fix?

+1 … same problem here with the new app.

+1 Having same issue here. Only mine is happening when I am editing thermostat rules in scene

I’m also having this issue. I have mostly Hue lights but some other things mixed in. I tried basically everything that’s been mentioned here to no affect. Contact with Smartthings support received a response of they will have to have a “team” look in to this.

I won’t hold my breath for a further response.

Everytime I get a network error when trying to update a scene it’s because I have a device included in the scene that I’ve moved/renamed/deleted and the error is resolved by removing or updating the device.

This is so frustrating! I am having the same issue. What is the point of having a smart home that can’t run or save automations? Googling this issue shows that people have had this issue for years now. So hopefully a fix has been found. I would love to know it if someone knows it. Thanks!

Same issue when trying to add automation or edit scenes, what’s the fix?

Haha this is turning into a joke.

This issue has been ongoing for a very long time now. I gave up on smartthings a few months back because of not being able to add automation or scenes. Randomly opened up the (new) app today to see if it had been fixed. To my surprise it worked… once, and then I got the network error haha. Back in the bin it goes.

How can the one main thing they do, automation, be the one thing that consistently isn’t working for a large amount of users?

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