New app lost integration with devices

Hi folks, I have smarthings for a while now, I bought it when it was a good app not the current thing :frowning: . Ever since the migration, after the migration not only I feel less compelled to use it, some of the blinds are no long responsive.

I tried to reset and add them following the same instruction I followed 4 years ago: Z-Wave + integrated blinds/shades: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Shades

But no luck, the app just hangs there “looking for a device” and nothing happens.

Has anyone seen this before, why did Samsung destroyed something that was perfect and turned into this?

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Ivw had many instances where things dont add both in classic and now in NewApp.

Lots of people report rebooting the hub right before attempting an add helps.

Also theres a longstanding bug innthe IDE where if you have any custom device handlers, they become stale and interfere with the join process.

So before I add devices I always republish all my custom device handlers in the IDE then reboot the hub.

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Thank you Nathan, I don’t have any custom device handler, I’ll try to reboot the hub and see if that works, I have now lost yet another shade :frowning:

I’ll update this post if I find a way around so future versions of myself can find help :slight_smile:

If you’re continually losung devices you probably have an issue with one of your meshes… When was the last time you ran a Zigbee heal or ZWave repair?

Are the blinds showing up in the app and showing unavailable? Or did they disappear completely?