Devices disappeared from Hub

I have a Smarthings Hub that I use with Zebra Blinds motorized shades. They use a Somfy motor that connects to Smarthings via Zwave:

Unfortunately they stopped working a few days ago after unplugging from one outlet and replugging into another. When I went into the Smarthings app my Hub is there as well as the rooms I created but all the devices are gone.

I called the Samsung help line and they said that all devices were deleted and cannot be restored. I definitely did not do anything to delete them on my end – from the app or the website. I was further told that there is no way to restore them and that I need to add them all back. It’s a HUGE pain to add them including climbing to high places to do the pairing and multiple attempts pairing to get each connected. I really want to avoid having to do this.

Anyone have any ideas on how to find the missing devices? When I look at my events on the Smarthings website I see lots of logs along the lines of “zw removed device: 28” which seem to be constant and happening for days.

Appreciate any ideas.