New app does not work with mobile device

New app does not support my new Samsung A21 I guess the application need 2GB ram. Anyone have any ideas except buying different cell.

A post elsewhere suggested you try and install the app from here

No that app didn’t work, all these new apps require 2GB of ram. Luckily I have Haromy Hub integrated for media stuff. Do I can actually use there App.

Thank for the suggestions

You would need to install a version that is at least 3 versions previous before the current version. Just be aware, older versions will not have all the features offered in newer versions. You can search at

There are some alternative options:

If you have a tablet at home, you could possibly install the new ST app to be able to manage ST. If you don’t have one, you could find a cheap one that can handle the ST app.

Then for your mobile device that does allow the newest version. You could examine sharptools or ActionTiles to at least be able to control your devices in ST.