Migration failed - new ST app will not install

Looks like the Home location got migrated.

So far so good.

This is where it blows up: “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.”
Why not? Classic was compatible.
This is a showstopper. Any solutions?

What model is your phone? Android version? You could always try loading from an apk file:


Regardless, I’d let ST support know.

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Thanks, it’s a LG G2 running 6.0.1. Nothing particularly exotic. Like I said, SmartThings Classic wasn’t a problem. Getting a new phone in order to support the migration is not an option. Looks like some compatibility testing wasn’t done. I’ve alerted Samsung support. Maybe I’ll try to sideload the apk, but I’d rather wait and hear what Samsung support has to say.

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I thought I saw a notice from ST about Android 6.0 not being supported in the new app. Here’s the Play store confirming that:


Well that’s a crock. So my entire setup is down the toilet. Thanks a lot Samsung. How is it a “migration” when the phones and Android versions that Classic ran on aren’t all supported??

Does it run on Android non-phone hardware like an Android media rendering box?

After today’s update, it would be 3 releases now

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I’m not sure, sorry!

Yes, it does run on my Android media box (BlazeBox). All my vibration sensors are shown as “offline”, but I’ll tackle this mystery in another thread. Other devices seem to be recognized according to the app, but I have yet to do any testing.

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