Bug with the Jan 2021 update

Since the January 2021 update, I have many bugs: 1- sorting of scene in the general menu doesn’t work 2- in automation, all action of a button take at least 15 sec to react and the app is frozen during that moment
Does anyone have this issues. I did reinstall the app, reset the hub, exit my account t and reload it. Nothing works. Didn’t had any answer from Samsung for the last 5 days. Thanks

yep… many users are experiencing those issues and more.

plus a few others


15 seconds!! Count yourself lucky. :rofl: The Apps has to load and refresh before anything (well most things) will work. Mines usually take about 30 seconds to a minute) before I am able to drill down on anything. It has gotten better recently but still no where near as fast as the Classic App use to be.

Best to just practice patience.

I gave up on arranging…Seems to always reset so I just let it be and use “Rooms” mostly.