New Aeotech Hub and can't get Everspring water sensor to connect

I’m working on transferring all my devices from my ADT Smartthings Hub to the new Aeotech Hub. I was able to get one water leak sensor (ulitech) finally paired and connected using the Everspring water sensor from Smartthings app and it seems to be working fine now. I excluded it from my old Hub and easily paired it but on the Smarthings app it was stuck on “connecting” under the device name. After 10+ exclusions, repairing, changing /taking out batteries it finally shows it working and seems to be when I’ve tested it.
My other water sensor is a true Everspring sensor and is also stuck on connecting. I’ve done all I’ve mentioned above with this one plus rebooted the Hub through IDE but not luck after hours messing with it. All my devices worked fine with my ADT hub. Any suggestions how to get it to go from connecting to working?

  • using any custom device handlers?
  • run z-wave repair and if so, any errors?
  • try powering off the hub for several minutes.

No custom handlers, z wave repairs without errors and I’ve left the hub off for 10 minutes plus rebooted through IDE

i have a couple of these. first, exclude them just to make sure. then, disconnect batter and reconnect. light should still be blinking. put cover back on and wait. i remember they were fussy and you might have to do this sequence a couple of times.

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I got it to work by getting the sensor wet while it was stuck on connecting. I got a instant notification when I did and now it’s working as it should.