Connecting Older ST sensors after Hub Upgrade

I finally upgraded my original SmartThings V1 Hub to an AeoTec hub. I’ve successful pair about 20 sensors so far but I have 3 older SmartThings sensors one Water and two Contact sensors that are not pairing. They are all the same style. I’m using the the best practices of paring close to the hub, have a fresh battery and restarted app. I tried both ways (reset button and reset button with putting in the battery), both just give an orange LED light for about 5 seconds then nothing. Anyone know how to connect these sensors at this point? Thanks.

using any custom device handlers?
anything appear in the No rooms assigned? (go to Devices section and click on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen)

All devices are assigned to a room and there are no unassigned devices there. I don’t think I’m using a custom handler. I think the water sensor model is “STS-WTR-250” and the contact is “Model F-SS-MULT-001” both pre 2016 but the model numbers are not priced on the device.

I had issues with OG ST motion and contact that would not pair at all and would only occasionally blink blue i think no matter how long the button was held or during battery insertion. What it ended up taking to get them to pair was to first pair with my hubitat hub (pretty much unused) then delete and then it would perfectly pair with my ST hub.

Thank you @ogiewon, yes this is the device have. I’ve tried the ‘hold the connect button while inserting the battery’ method with no luck.

@Keenan_Moore I don’t have a Hubitat hub. do you know if there is something else that could mimic it? I’m a long time ‘basic’ ST user and have not done any custom coding on ST. Thanks.