ADT Water Leak Detector w/ v1 Hub

I purchased 2 ADT Water Leak Detectors and, when pairing them to my v1 hub, they show up as ‘Thing’ with ‘Please Wait’ as the status. I’ve tried changing the device type to all of the various water sensors I see in the dropdown but I’ve had no luck getting them to work. Has anyone else had success with these sensors?

If I remember right, these were specifically designed to work with the SmartThings ADT hub. Can you return them? I use the Iris ones from Lowes, and that work great.

Ah, that would explain why they aren’t working. Yes, I’ll return them and get a different brand. Thanks for the info.

I think the water sensor may be the only one that uses normal zigbee. Did you try “smartsense moisture sensor” device type?

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That worked! I must have missed that one before. You saved me the hassle of having to exchange them. Thanks so much!