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Ok, I admit I still get excited seeing SmartThings “on the telly” even if these are only online for now.


the Ulterior Motive one is my favorite one.

…next to Max’s Escape.

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They don’t adjust the cooling here as the different shifts come and go at work… this means later at night there’s waaaaaaay too much overhead with the cooling once the majority of people leave, they switch off their PCs and the lights are turned off.

All of the late shifters (boys and girls alike) walk around looking like they could cut granite with their nipples. They can get rather sore… the struggle is real.

haha I know that feeling!
I have to say - Somehow, there’s everyone who complains that our office is too hot… and yet, us girls end up bundling up in heavy jackets. @kelli and I have borrowed ‘blankets’ before - AKA oversized hoodies.

Trust me, even though I’ve migrated to a different section of the office, the struggle is real, and now I don’t have a blanket buddy.

There may be some gender differences in terms of “comfortable” room temperatures, but they may not be as significant as just the differences between individuals. Someone in their 60s may have a very different metabolic rate than someone in their 20s even if they’re the same gender. BMI probably matters. Someone who wears a head covering for religious reasons, or a wig for medical reasons may feel warmer in the same room. There are many disabilities which affect body temperature.

The point is just whatever number you pick for “normal comfort” is going to feel uncomfortable for significant number of people. We don’t have a good solution for that right now.

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Adult onesies for the win! I’d imagine ST is a pretty cool place to hang out so would have thought they’d allow it?

It’s definitely not unheard of around these parts! The girls here definitely couldn’t accuse the guys of an ulterior motive we’re definitely in the same boat and let’s not talk about possible ‘shrinkage’!!! :scream:

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Hijacking April’s thread… Bunny Burglar is by far the best.

Edit: see, already more likes than @April. Victory is mine


My parents had a security system installed when we were teenagers. For some reason it was always a lot easier to remember how to evade it going out then coming back in… LOL! :wink:


My parents were generally very cool. You’d walk in the door at 4 in the morning trying to do the ‘quiet walk’, which in reality means you end up hitting everything and making more noise.

Only to find mum woke up anyway and just asks if you had a good night out at the pub!

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Just playing devils advocate here - do the fake ‘parents’ share a phone like its the early 90’s? They must do for them both to have access to their ST hub right? :blush: They are great ads but unless the ‘add user’ issue is resolved before these air there will be a lot of disgruntled new users given the implicated scenarios… perhaps it would be worth delaying / removing these until ready??

** I have checked and you technically don’t ever see them both with a phone in their hand at the same time… but i think its a stretch to imply they share a phone these days!!** :iphone:


Max’s Escape is the best one. There should be a follow up to Max’s Escape and Ulterior motive where the dog door is tripped and the dad comes down to find the kid in the bunny suit stuck in the dog door with Max looking on.


YES. i wish that could happen.


I also like “Max’s Escape” though it awakens some bittersweet nostalgia for me.

My beloved 17 year old Beagle, Buddy (the original “CosmicPuppy”!) passed away gracefully just over a month ago. He was stubborn and feisty right to the end. A 6-year cancer survivor, sturdy hiker, loud howler, constant begger, and least “fido” of any canine I’ve ever met! A pest, really, … and my companion, my buddy, for 15 years; I miss him terribly. :cry:

Being a beagle, Buddy had an irrepressible instinct to explore, follow his nose, and was a frustratingly successful escape artist. Neighbors practically had our phone number on speed dial … as did the local pound! Roughly 7 years ago I took him to a party hosted by my boss who had her own dog, cat, chinchilla, and parrot. The cat door (with cat having recently passed through) was an obvious temptation to Buddy … but we had no worries due to the limited size of this exit. Buddy, after all, being a beagle, was not maintaining an athletic figure.

Suddenly the sound of Buddy’s voice echoed throughout the home, though it was a howling utterance I had not heard before. At the foot of the inside stairs, his back to the cat door, we found the rascal with his head stuck in the cat door frame similar to Max in the SmartThings video – except that Buddy had wrenched the frame out of the drywall and was wearing stuck around his shoulders as if it were a collar! :laughing:

They say that dogs don’t actually feel “guilt” or “shame” – it is an emotion that we humans project onto them; anthropomorphically. In this case, I could certainly not claim that Buddy was guilty of anything: clearly he had been framed! :innocent:


Oh no!! :frowning: Terry, I’m very VERY sorry to hear about your fur, Buddy. :confused: Oh man. /e-hugs. This is REALLY saddening to hear. I was looking forward to meeting him someday! I’m sorry for your lost.


Thank-you, April … hopefully we’ll swing by your way with Deuce sometime! He sure misses his big adopted brother – heck, Deuce was with Buddy nearly every day for over 10 years. We’re lucky not to have home completely void of Beagles now; that would be extra sad.


our beagle rusty. is in bed with me now recovering from acl surgery… I have to keep a close eye on him. he already got around the cone and chewed one stich out… and everytime we go in the yard on leash he already wants to go in the woods after chipmunks even though he is barely using the injured leg.

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