We love you SmartThings employees!

Please don’t forget that we admire you for building this awesome system…and dealing with all of us troublemakers…how do you do it? You are all amazing. Any little bump in the road is insignificant compared to the hard work and extreme helpfulness you provide. Keep up the great work!


Thanks @N8XD!

@jody.albritton, the rest of the SmartThings Team, and I are here for you guys! Posts like this are what make what we do awesome and inspiring.


agreed. We all have our tantrums at some point because lets point it out…when it comes to out homes it’s personal.

But I’ve said it in the past as well. I am hoping that you guys are working on the omelette, but right now your cracking the eggs to get there.

I feel that in the background there is quite a few architectural changes going on the rectify architecturally what hasn’t worked well in the past. I understand the negative sentiment in the community. But I’m happy enough for the waiting game for now.

As for the ST staffers, you guys are still here and still plugging away…it almost like you guys are British…almost :wink:

I concur. I am saddened by the negative piling on. My experience is still pretty good with the product, but the community is suffering from the pitchfork crowd. Keep your heads up, and slam some goodness out that door!


Here here. Hats off to all of ST support and staff and to all the awesome ‘hobbiest’,‘novice’ and ‘professional’ smartapp writers that are making this system do so much more. For a beginner like myself it is very very much appreciated.
ALSO not forgetting the HA Gurus like JDRoberts and so many more…


Fun? I thought I bought a tool not a toy.


One man’s tool is another mans toy…its just a matter of how you “feel” when you use it.
I mean, put a chain saw in my hands and I have FUN cutting down trees…right?

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