SmartThings in an Office Environment?

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #1

About to move offices, and wondering if anyone out there (besides SmartThings themselves) has done any office HA / IoT integrations?

I want to integrate security, card access (presence), motion, lights, basic conference room functionality, and maybe a few more features.

Honestly, I don’t think I can do it all with SmartThings, but curious if anyone else has tackled SmartThings in a commercial environment, of if I should look to the big boys to do the work…

Anyone with experience?

(Ben Edwards) #2

I know you aren’t asking us but our biggest issues have been these:

  1. Different voltages in commercial buildings that do not actually allow smart switches and outlets to be installed safely.
  2. Card access. I don’t know if anyone has integrated any of the commercial card access systems and most buildings won’t let you put some sort if Yale or Kwikset lock in place.

I’ll be interested to hear what people have done.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #3

Ben. Didn’t mean to imply I wanted to exclude ST folks, I just assumed that you guys had those answers already and wanted to encourage others to chat about it.

Any plans to support commercial applications?

(Chrisb) #4

I’ve thought about putting one in my office… I originally backed for two hubs + things, mostly for the more things but also with the idea that I might put a device in my office. I haven’t, as of yet, but might when I’m moving to a new location in a few months.

Because it’s office environment I think I’d have to treat it more like a rental (apartment) sort of thing… that is: no major (or any) hardwired devices like outlets or switches. More like plug in modules or connected bulbs.

A few thoughts of things I might do:

1.) We have one piece of equipment that is very humidity sensitive. I thought about putting a sensor near that which would then send an email alert when it was outside of the safe zone.

2.) Plug in some things like monitors into an outlet/power strip that would automatically turn off after a certain time.

3.) Put a presence sensor on my boss so when he came around I’d know ahead of time! :smile:

(Mark S Groves-Zen Studios) #5

Is your boss tethered to his Smart Phone? The rest seem pretty basic and doable.