Is the SmartThings having problems?

Since last night I haven’t been able to get into my SmartThings. Last night I noticed that my Outside Air Temperature was still at 31°F which was the high temperature of the mid-day. This morning when they temperature was down at 0°F it was still showing 31°F. I’m hoping that my CT100 Thermostat is still working. In reviewing some of the previous postings other people are experiencing problems. SmartThings Support is off until after Christmas and I hope someone is monitoring the system. Any comments?

Simple Answer: Yes.

Longer answer:

It’s a very complex system … though there are disagreements from an outside perspective of whether or not SmartThings’s problems are design/architectural (but we love the “openness”!), rush of some features to market (undeniable), difficulty in scaling due to hard to find sufficient talent (a great economy for tech workers, so …), … or is it management and general operations? Or is the system too cheap ($99 is not much revenue for so much underlying power!), etc…

The problems you are currently experiencing may go away tomorrow, next week, or, the running joke line: “in a few weeks” (i.e., some problems have been around for 2 to 3 years!). And the problems you are experiencing may or may not be shared by others due to the system being constantly in some degree of instability.

Some of us are very happy; perhaps because we are just lucky or perhaps because we’ve spent hours here among the “Community” and know what functions to steer clear of and what the workarounds are for others.

Unfortunately, isn’t a reliable source of information; but it should could be (? … ok… nothing is certain).

Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree: