New ADT/SmartThings alarm panel appears to be a 2GIG GC3 panel, compatible with SmartThings?

I’ve been searching but I am only able to find anything from 2015 and back. I like the look of the new ADT/ST panel, but it’s crazy expensive and I already have a hub, so the second hub would be totally useless. Does anyone know if this 2GIG panel will work with SmartThings? Like I said, I’ve searched but cannot find anything recent regarding the panel.

You should be able to “Learn In” the GC3 panel as a device on your STv2 hub. There can only be one Primary Hub on your network, so this ‘trick’ makes ST the primary, the GC3 secondary. GC3 should pick up all the Zwave items paired to ST automatically (note GC3 would not pick up devices using other protocols that ST supports, e.g. Zigbee).

Also note that equipment like door / window sensors that may be part of your alarm system are typically not Zwave, but a proprietary radio frequency device that will only work with the panel. There is no way to add those to SmartThings.

I’m relatively new to this, but I just recently set up this primary/secondary arrangement with my STv2 hub and my Protection1 GC2 panel. So far so good.


Thank you for the reply!

So it can communicate with the SmartThings. Are you able to monitor it with smartthings? if not, does it have remote monitoring via your cell phone? If I understood you correctly, you cannot launch routines from ST’s using the 2gig sensors? I plan to keep security and ST’s mostly separate, but I may want to have some automation at some point, so I’m curious just how compatible they are.

If you had a zwave garage door switch, would it close the garage if open when armed, etc?

You can search around the forums. If I recall, there may be a device handler that can pick up status changes from the Alarm panel, but it’s sort of a ‘hacky’ solution.

If you pair a Zwave garage sensor to ST, with your GC3 as ‘secondary’, the GC3 should see it and pick up its status. From there you should be able to manage and create rules through (or whatever service) to run or notify you that the door was left open. You could also add the door to Routines in ST in this example.

To give you some idea, I have paired my Thermostat, 7 lights/dimmers, and 3 door locks to ST and my panel is seeing them perfectly. I am able to manage them all through either ST or equally well. response time is impacted somewhat (since this adds a ‘communication step’ that didn’t exist before).

Remember of course that this also relies on your ST hub being Online at all times. If your hub goes down, commands sent through or the GC panel will not work.

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I should add I have similar rules to what you described as well. E.g. when system armed, lock all exterior doors, turn off all lights, etc. Working great so far.

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This has already been discussed by SmartThings staff. Nortek (who make the 2gig devices) often use the same case for multiple different devices, but the insides may be very different including different firmware, different radios, etc.

In this case, you’re right that it is using the same case and starting from the same UI for the security portion, but the new SmartThings/ADT device is not just a rebranded GC3. Both the hardware and the software inside are very different.

If you want to try and use the standard GC3 with SmartThings you have all the same problems you’ve always had. Although technically SmartThings can be added as a zwave secondary controller to a network where another device is the primary, it lacks some of the typical Z wave controller management command sets. For example, if after you add it you then add a new device to the primary, you have to remove the SmartThings hub from the network and then re-add it from scratch or it won’t know about the new device.

It also may not get status updates on individual devices that are added to the primary.

It won’t be able to share any information about virtual devices or zigbee devices with the primary system.

Other Z wave utilities may not run properly across the consolidated network.

So while there are some community members who are using a SmartThings hub as a secondary to another primary Z wave controller, officially SmartThings discourages this practice and SmartThings support will not give you any help if you run into problems. :disappointed_relieved:

SmartThings strongly discourages adding the Hub to another Z-Wave network. We cannot offer support for disconnected Z-Wave devices or the inability to add devices through the Hub as a result of including the Hub into another Z-Wave network


The new ADT/SmartThings security System tablet controller is not the same device as the 2gig GC3 although it uses some of the same component parts including the physical case.

And if you want to try to directly integrate the 2gig branded device with SmartThings, you can try, but the results will probably not be what you expect, SmartThings support will not give you any help, and you may have to rebuild your network a couple of times from scratch.


Wow, great reply! Thank you!

I just want a security panel that will be reasonably easy to setup and will be compatible with ST and not require a monthly monitoring plan. I was going to go with a Honeywell Vista 20p, but they are a pain in the ass to setup and it only seems to have a very hacky way of being compatible with ST.


Hey Justin…

What do you mean by “a security panel”?

I’m using panel generically, sort of like and ADT panel where all the guts are.

I think I’ve decided to use smartthings Home Monitoring for security, since I do not need or want monitoring services. Here’s a thread over on Reddit that I started that explains a lot.

I see you’re part of the ActionTiles team. Would AT be able to provide a keypad type situation to arm/disarm the ST Home Monitoring?


I think I answered my own question -

I’ll buy a $50 Kindle, sideload the SmartThings app, and run ActionTiles on it.

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Yup… That’s what I was hinting at :wink:, and the main reason we added “PIN Protected Tiles” (including SHM Tile…) to ActionTiles a couple versions ago.

One little alert: Folks are reporting problems logging into the SmartThings App on Fire due to its insistence on using Google Chrome for Samsung authentication. And just side-loading Chrome doesn’t work :persevere:. I don’t know if a solution has been found.

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Does ActionTiles have a favorite tablet? Also I know you aren’t a hardware maker but do you see the ADT panel as competition or is it just good that more people will adopt SmartThings and maybe need an additional panel elsewhere for convenience?

ActionTile’s customers are quite fond of the Amazon Fire tablets because they are quite affordable, come from a reputable source, have Alexa built in (press and hold the Home button), etc…; and seem to run ActionTiles particularly well inside the Fully kiosk browser (which can be installed from APK without using an app store).

But they certainly aren’t perfect. The “lock screen” cannot be disabled; folks use to be able to disable ads or even install alternate Android ROMs on the hardware, but Amazon keeps playing leapfrog and patching against these hacks.

There are too many generic Android tablets out there (that come and go, and have their prices change, etc.), that we can’t pin down another recommendation.

If all that a customer wants is a “panel” for is to arm and disarm the ADT portion of your alarm system, then these new SmartThings customers won’t need ActionTiles. But since our App does so much more than that, this ADT-SmartThings product is a good thing as it will help SmartThings (and ActionTiles) grow even faster.

I don’t know, for example, if the ADT Panel will show (or care) about the status of non-ADT sensors (or switches!). With ActionTiles, you can create custom a “good-bye” Panel (out of the unlimited Panels you can create) that will show you at a glance which Sensors are open… or any Lights or critical high-draw appliance Switches are left on … etc…

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I currently have ALL XIAOMI door sensors connected to my Smarthings HUB and phone app
Planning to get the ADT 2GIG GC3 panel so it can be used without a phone app always.
Will all the devices currently connected to my smartthings move into this new panel or do i need to add each of them separately? not sure if 2GIG will recognize Xiaomi sensors.
Any advice’s?

A few people apparently backed the version down from down to and they were able to login. Have to locate that thread to add it here if anyone else runs into that and sees this thread first :slightly_smiling_face:

How did you pair the gc3 to smartthings? I plugged the SmartThings Hub in right next to the gc3, opened the smartthings app, told it to search for a device and went to this screen on the gc3. Nothing happened.

for my door security i use a cheap fire tabllet … there is a setting inside to require a pin code to unlock which i use… i have it running an older version of action tiles… for arming disarming i use smart alarm, and just clicking on the tile to change from home to away or night changes the arming state automatically.

However i hardly use it as i use routines and presence sensors to arm disarm automatically.