New installation.. GC3 panel or ADT/ST panel

I’m moving so resetting and re-adding all my devices to my current ST hub is not a problem right now… that being said… I’m trying to decide between buying a GC3 panel and fighting my way into making it a secondary controller to the ST hub OR simply get a ADT/ST panel.

I want my main door/motion sensors to be ADT as at some point I will be connecting the system to a monitoring service ( preferably) and truthfully, I don’t trust ST devices to handle security related stuff.

My main question is: Will the ST hub “see” the status of the door/motion sensors (2GIG sensors) from the GC3 panel? I don’t care about arming/disarming from ST, or using any ST sensor to trigger any monitored service alarm event. I simply want to be able to turn on a light if the door is opened for example… and do it in a reliable manner… If I need to be fixing the zwave network and re adding devices every couple of days Id rather get the ADT/ST panel hoping it’ll be less problematic.

I’m pretty sure that the ADT/ST panel can use the ADT sensors to trigger other automations on the ST side of things. (If someone can confirm)

I’m more inclined to get the GC3 because:

  • It has a lot more devices that can be monitored (including ADT 5800 line of sensors)
  • Rather have than adt monitoring (unless someone convinces me ADT is better/equal option)

Any suggestions?


Did you ever find a conclusion to this question? I have the same needs and have come to the same decision point. Already have ST and GoogleHome. Considering the ADT, GC3, or Qolsys IQ2. I’m fine paying a slight premium for ADT over IF everything plays nicely together.