Trying to get my 2gig Go Control panel notifying ST Hub of Alarm

Sorry if this is a repeat question. I’ve searched the boards and don’t think it has been addressed in the same way, at least not that I can understand. I’m very new to this and haven’t dived into using codes for anything in the ST App. At this point all I have is the Schlage Century Deadbolt and my iphone connected to Smartthings. I love it and want to add more, but I can tell even with only those two items that I don’t want ST to be my only alarm system.

I’ve got a 2gig Go Control alarm panel and non-zwave sensors that is unmonitored. I want to keep that as a security system and have it alert me via smartthings hub. The only thing I can think of is to try to connect a z-wave sensor, maybe a Schlage RS100HC, with external NO/NC terminals to the external siren/bell terminals on the back of the alarm panel. Is this a possible solution? I would love to take advantage of all of the sensors that are set-up until I can afford to either get it monitored or replace them with all z-wave sensors.

Thank you.

Old question above, but i have the same question