Network Repair date?

New here as I just switched over from Wink. After all my things were set up and running, I ran a network repair under Z-wave utilities. It takes a few minutes to do the repair but every time I run it, it has some strange date like 6 months ago, 6 Oct 22:16. Then I run it again to see what the date is and it will be Feb 06:04. I have a new V3 hub and just installed the app on my iphone last week. None of the dates when run are even close to current date and time. Not a big deal as all my devices are working perfectly. Has anyone seen this before?
Edit: Just ran another one and it says Thurs Feb 21. I looked and Feb 21 this year was a Friday. Strange

Are you running the repair over in IDE at ?

No, on my iPhone 11.

Yes, there appears to be a bug. I can replicate it. Also on iOS

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Tech support has this issue now and is looking into it.