Z-wave network repair not working

Hi All,
I am having problems will a z-wave device so I thought I would do a ‘Repair Z-Wave Network’ on my Andriod.
When I click on the option and then do a ‘Start Z-Wave Network Repair’ all I get is the blue circle continually going round and round like a bored hamster.
Any ideas?

I just tried z-wave repair on my system and had the same result. Ran for several hours before I cancelled it.

Just do it from the ide… I’ve never been successful with the app link.

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It used to work OK for me.
I’m trying to re-associate a device and nothing seems to be working for new devices

OK. Just tried it from the ide and it says ‘Z-Wave network repair initiated - Click to view progress’.
When I click on the link, nothing appears in the progress window.
Also there in nothing in the events log.

I think my whole system is going into meltdown. Lights are not working either!

Lol yeah that link sucks too. Go to locations and bite it all there under the events log…

Nothing was appearing in the event logs either.
Just did a power down/wait/up on the hub. I’m now seeing zwave repair events in the log.

Looks like the power down/up has cleared the crxp out of my hub.
I can now re-associate my device that went awol.

Note to self. Do a power down/up weekly to clear the crud out.