Z-wave Repair via SmartApp?


Corporate controllers usually do a system repair in the middle of the night every night. Has anyone been able to do this for SmartThings without hitting the button? I.e., can I get a scheduled app to repair every night?


(Reviving and bumping this topic) … I too am curious about this. What is the downside to scheduling a nightly z-wave network repair? Would events or messages be queued for when the repair is finished (for me, usually a minute or so) or lost forever?

If there’s no material disadvantage to this, does an app already exist? Is there a “initiate z-wave repair” function available in the API? Thanks in advance for any insights or updates on this, and here’s to proactively maintaining a healthy mesh network!

Z-wave events are basically lost during a repair, although zigbee and other things still run. However, there is no API published to support this. Daily repairs would be excessive. Once the network mesh is established, assuming it’s solid, you shouldn’t have to repair it very often. If your mesh isn’t solid, focus on fixing that instead.


Greetings Bruce! Cool, thanks. Now that the gen2 hub platform is a bit more stable (knock on wood), I will certainly be doing this less often.

I tend to initiate a repair after I add a new thing, just to ensure it settles in properly (perhaps a placebo effect, but that’s ok with me) and noticed this thread earlier this morning that piqued my curiosity. Again, thanks!