Trigger routine on Internet lost?


(Fabio) #1

Hi! Is there any way the hub can trigger a routine when it realizes he lost internet connection?

What I am looking for is for it to:
Switch off a plug
Wait 10 seconds
Switch on a plug
This way I can attach the modem to that plug and the hub will regain connection even if I am not there.


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(Mark) #2

Once the hub loses connection to the internet, routines don’t work. Most of what ST does requires an active internet connection. There are certain devices that can function locally, but the only smartapp that can function locally is smart lighting. I don’t think a smart lighting automation can be configured to do what you describe. I also dont think a routine could do that either, even if your hub was connected to the internet.

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There isn’t an any way to do it with SmartThings itself for the reasons that @marktheknife mentioned, but there are some plugs which are used to control modems which know when they themselves lose connection with the Internet and are used to reboot modems. That might solve your problem.

There are several different brands of these, here’s one just as an example:

And another one:

And another one in case you want to shop at Amazon:

All the brands work about the same way, they just have a site that they ping frequently and if the ping doesn’t go through, the pocket socket re-boots itself. Read the product specs carefully as they do have somewhat different features. For example, the first one I listed lets you plug two devices into it and also lets you pick which sites to ping. :sunglasses:

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(Fabio) #4

Thank you, Mark! Unfortunately the ISP says due to maintenance on their side.

(Fabio) #5

JD you are the best! Resetplug is EXACTLY what I was looking for, thank you so much!