Netvue 1080p cam

recently bought the netvue 1080p camera and it works great with echo show, but smarthub wont find it. is it a compatibility issue or am i missing something?

It is a compatibility issue. This camera is not officially supported but you can try adding it from this post.

when i try to install the device type i get an error. I install it in the device handler correct? the 2 smartapps installed fine. I also didnt see the github info as well. Sorry ive been out of the loop for a bit and just need a little for clarification. Thanks

In the ST app. Under Automation.

That’s great help, but for the life of me, after searching for my cams url I can’t find it. Any ideas?

This camera is similar to the Xiaomi Yi cam so I don’t think you will get it to work outside the netvue app unfortunately.

Did you ever get it discovered? It isn’t an ip camera with server so I doubt you will be able to pull its feed but if you do find a way let me know as I have the Netvue Belle.

Nope, never could get it to work.

That’s a shame it only works from within the app or on a fire TV.