Smartcam hd vs hd pro


(Eric) #1

Couldn’t find anything specifically related to this with a quick search… there may be an answer buried somewhere that wasn’t obvious…

I’m brand new to smart things and I have both a samsung smartcam hd pro and a smartcam hd. I’m a little miffed that the smartcam hd doesn’t appear to be supported by default under the smart things app…

Is there a way to connect a smartcam hd to smart things, not just the hd pro? Even if it’s just a dev hack I’ll take it, haha.


Maybe this would work (@pstuart?):

(Eric) #3

Awesome, obviously official support would always be better and I can’t quite figure why they only support the Pro version… But what can you do…

I’ll play with this and give it a shot.

Thanks so much!