Hub V2 camera experiments

I got my Hub V2 yesterday and tried out the camera support tonight. I have two old Samsung SNH1011NV cameras and one newer SNH-E6413BN. Both were Costco models, and all the cameras are currently connected to the V1 hub via a variation of the generic IP camera device type.

I was able to get the 6413 installed and can get live video in the device page.

It was a bit tricky to get the device to install, as none of the camera were discovered. I had to repeatedly go through the manual setup pages (Next…Next…Next…) until the camera install app finally said that the firmware version wasn’t correct, but it would install the camera nonetheless.

I have been unable to get video from the older 1011 camera.

I would love for ST to provide full support for the older Samsung cameras, and / or provide generic camera support where you can add the IP / RTSP URL like so many other generic IP camera apps do. It can not be that hard, and I’m sure many folks would be happy with “limited” support of their cameras.

Or just publish the V2 camera device type code ;).


So you were able to successfully get a live video feed in a device page within the smartthings app? If that’s the case do you mind posting the devicetype so I could try and make it work for some older D-link IP camera models?

I used the new camera support in the V2 hub, using the ST “SmartCam HD Pro” smartapp to install the child camera devices. I don’t think the device type code is published yet. In the IDE, the device is called a “Samsung SmartCam”.

Hi Dan!

I am looking at Samsung 6413 which is currently on a deal for $99 in Costco to be used with v2 hub. Could you please describe your experiences with it? Is the motion detection and recording via the hub working well? Are the video clips good quality?


I’ve been using it as a monitor to check our garage. I mostly use the Samsung SmartCam app, which worked fine. The picture is much better than our older Costco Samsung 1011 cameras that they sold in a two-pack a few years back.

I have not tested the camera’s built-in motion detection much. I used it with a generic camera type in V1 and it worked ok, except that I could never figure out what the URL is to set the picture size. It took 1080p pictures, which often times out with the V1 hub and then either does not show in the app, or has some of the picture cut off. For my purposes, it worked fine.

I have just set up a trigger with the V2 hub to record - I’ll post the results here.

As mentioned above, the camera is not (yet?) officially supported by SmartThings, and get detected as a 6410. I also had to fiddle quite a bit to get it installed. During installation, the ST app said that some features won’t be available because the camera isn’t a 6410.

The live video in the SmartThings app looks fine - maybe a little more delayed than the Samsung SmartCam app, but that doesn’t really bother me. The base and friction adjust is a little flimsy, but again, I got mine set up ok.

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So far, no dice on recording clips in ST based on a trigger. I suspect ST invokes an API on the camera that is not supported on the 6413… :frowning:

I see the events in the app, but the clip playback is greyed out with no picture and nothing happens when I click play.

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Hey, thanks for the help. I have the same camera and was trying to get it to work with Smart Things. I wish it was easier through the web to do, but eventually I got it to connect with the app.

I ended up getting it to work by added an existing Samsung HD Pro with the android app. It failed my password once, but when I backed up it magically worked.

Is your camera horribly loud? Mine has a horribly loud background “white noise,” and this is true no matter what app or platform I use to view the camera.

Yeah, mine is pretty loud too. I haven’t played with it much, but you might try to adjust the microphone sensitivity. Even our older Samsung cameras are quite loud.

Have you tried to get ST to record clips when events happen?

Thanks for the info! The second link seems to not be for streaming video. Do you know if the same device type code is used for both the Samsung 6410 and the D-Link camera?

I think its the same code.


@Dan999 is there any lag on the video for your cameras ?

I have a d-link DCS-932L but using the dlink app the lag is so bad I can stand in front of the camera and I will not see myself for 10-15 seconds. My foscams are almost instant.

There is definitely some lag on the live screen. Even with the Samsung SmartCam app, there is some delay, but the delay is worse with the ST app. I would guess about 3-10 seconds, but I can go check again.

That said, the delay doesn’t really bother me, as I use the cameras mostly to check if someone is parked on the driveway / street or the garage door is open / which cars are in the garage.

OK I could live with 3 seconds, over 10 can be issue. Trying to correct bad behavior of dog remotely :smile:

Dan: Sorry for the late reply and sorry this isn’t going to help you at all. I am very new with smart things, and had the Samsung camera for only 3 days. I set up the Samsung alerts and recording and that worked fine. I did not try to get it to record based on a smart things event.

Overall, with the very poor audio quality and the ambiguity of the API, I returned it to Costco. I figure for not much more than what it cost there with tax, I could get a similar hikvision or something with a more friendly/open set of software. Sure I could have (probably, a guy on neptune systems forum claimed to have a full api) tweaked to get it working, but I would rather get a better one working, and not have to write a giant device type myself to get it to work right. I plan on having 3 or 4 cams eventually, and I would like them to be all the same. I don’t think I wanted them to all be that one. Also, the smartcam software wore down my android battery, but it was only installed for 3 days so maybe it would level off.

I’ve read through all the API docs on the internet, including, specifically, the one referenced on neptune. I could not get much info on the Costco model. It looks like Samsung Techwin has about 1000 different firmware versions for all their cameras :smile:

If you want to go for full and seamless integration with SmartThings, you’ll probably want to get the cameras they support. Hopefully the list will grow soon.

BTW, I’ve been noticing in the last few weeks that the SmartCam app has been using a lot of my battery also. That is new, as I’ve been running the app for more than a year… A recent update is probably to blame.