Netgear Arlo + Smarthings switch


So at weekend a number of Arlo IFTTT recipes became available. Great, and thanks Netgear! It’s about time.

Is it possible to setup something that automates the following??

Switch virtual switches on (that control outdoor lighting via Fibaro Duel Relay) if Arlo detects motion, then, switch off after x minutes?

Similarly, is it possible to activate/deactivate Arlo based on Smartthings routines?

You could do something like this with one of the rule engines (Rule Machine if you already had it, SmartRules on iOS, or the upcoming rule engine in progress). Using IFTTT, there may be a delay with those virtual switches (certain programs with IFTTT have a large delay, others show almost none)

Arlo direct integration is coming and will allow a bit more to be done (such as possibly using Arlo motion detection in Smart Lighting)

Ah cool re the Arlo Integration post.

I’m fairly new to Smartthings so missed the RuleMachine smart app. I have SmartRules but my understanding is this only works off Smartthings and not Arlo. How is one supposed to trigger a Smartthings thing from an Arlo motion detection??

You would set up a virtual switch so that Arlo Motion Detection would turn on that Virtual Switch via IFTTT.
Then in SmartRules, you would set up the rule to be started by that Virtual Switch turning on and ending after X minutes.

I use a similar thing for my new text message alert via IFTTT. If I get a new text, it turns on a virtual switch. I have a rule in Rule Machine that will turn my Hue Bloom lights green if that virtual switch gets turned on, giving me a visual notification of the new text. Then I just have a routine to reset all of my IFTTT notifications (I also have one for missed calls and 2 others that can be added in for later use).


Ooooohh I see. I’ll give this a try tomorrow!! Thanks. Is SmartRules free?

For 1 rule as a demo version.
You must pay for the full version.

You can use Smart Lighting as long as you have switch capabilities on both ends. And similarly routines to arm/disarm based on virtual switch status. When routine turn on virtual switch, IFTTT picks it up and fires recipe to arm. When switch turns off via routine, IFTTT picks it up and recipe fires to disarm


So I tried this tonight and got it working with the following.

IFTTT to trigger Simulated Switch IF either of the 3 Arlo’s in my garden/drive/side walk detect motion

In SmartRules -

IF Simulated Switch is ON
Rear lights are OFF
Side lights are OFF
Time is After Sunset


Turn side lights ON
Turn rear lights ON
Send Push Notification
Turn rear lights OFF After 2 mins
Turn side lights OFF After 2 mins
Turn Simulated Switch OFF After 2 mins

Works great (I think). Didn’t get chance to simulate the motion because IFTTT went down so I checked it through the Simulated Switch in Smartthings.

I couldn’t get it to work with a combination of TIME after Sunset AND TIME before Sunrise.

My thoughts on the Time is After Sunset and Time is Before Sunrise are that it’s looking at the same day for this.

In other words, Time is After Sunset for today would be 5/10 after maybe 8PM, but Time is Before Sunrise would be 5/10 before 6AM. It can’t fit into both of those time periods at once.

Is there a way to restrict within a timeframe? I only want these lights activating between sunset and sunrise, no point in having them activate during the day.

I cannot for the life of me get the “smartlighting” app to turn on my desired switch/lights when Motion is detected on my connected arlo. Each component works fine itself, and are all connected to my SmartThings Hub. And in the “smartlighting” smartapp, it was very simple to go through the options to make the exact control scheme: “which lights do you want to control”? = garage. What do you want to do? = turn on. How do you want to trigger? = motion. Which motion sensor? Outdoor arlo camera. Turn on when? Motion starts. Turn off after motion stops? = 10 mins. Only during certain times? = sunset to sunrise. But when executed it has never turned on my garage lights. I’ve confirmed that my outside arlo camera is set to active at all times. Can anyone give me some tips??