How do you use IFTTT with SmartThings and Netgear ARLO cameras

I have been looking at IFTTT and how it works with SmartThings and netgear Arlo Cameras.
I can link IFTTT to SmartThings, I can link IFTTT to Netgear ARLO.
I can set up a recipe that starts recording a particular camera when a SmartThings door sensor is opened.
The issue us that the IFTTT recipe is active all the time and will record video every time the door is opened even when SmartThings is not Armed.
I have noticed that you can Turn Off the recipes in IFTTT but cant find a way to turn them off via SmartThings.

I am not sure of the proper way to do this should I be looking to:

  1. Enable somehow the IFTTT recipe to only record if the SmartThings is Armed
  2. Enable SmartThings to turn off and on IFTTT recipes when it ARM’s and DISARMS the system.

Could someone please advise how to do this?


Check out this topic from yesterday where some of this was discussed.

I managed to sort this out myself.
What I didn’t realise is that there is a SmartThings Internal option on my windows mobile (not sure what it is called on android and ios) If I open it there is a IFTTT option, if you configure this you can select which mode you want it to work under, by default it is all modes, I selected only Away and now the IFTTT only triggers when I have set SmartThings to Away.

Maybe helpful for some of you. Just published two IFTTT recipes to dis-/arm arlo via ST-mode.

Works perfect for me :slight_smile:

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This is great! Question… can I still use the cameras integrated with SmartThings to record when the Smart Home Monitor alarm is triggered?