Automation with Arlo and Smart Light Switch

Hello, I’m looking into purchasing an outdoor camera in which Arlo seems to be my only option. I was wondering if I can set an automation at a certain time of day that when motion is triggered with Arlo it could turn on my flood lights via a smart light switch?

Just curious before I buy and install.

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung smartthings home automation platform. So if you’re asking in that context, that is if you also own a smartthings hub, or the Samsung smartthings connect, or the Nvidia smartthings shield link, or the ADT/smartthings security panel, then yes.

If you don’t have a smartthings hub, you can also do it using the free IFTTT service and any smart light switch that also has an IFTTT channel. :sunglasses:

I use a Smart Lighting automation for this exact function.

Turn on Porch Light when Porch Arlo detects motion between 10 PM and 6 AM.

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Fantastic, thank you for the responses. Will purchase Arlo soon and a switch (any recommendations?) and get this working. Hopefully the automation is easy to setup… if not I know who to talk too… I’m looking at you Jam Dawz :wink:

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I use the GE brand and they are quick to respond to Alexa commands! They sell both on/off and dimmer switches. However, if you would like to incorporate scenes to kick off by double tapping, triple tapping, etc. look at the HomeSeer HS-WD100+.

+1 on the GE switches
I have a house full of GE switches and dimmers (sold at any Lowes). They aren’t the most fun to stuff inside a pre-existing switch box, but they work. I haven’t tried any other brand. My only gripe? The dimmers. They take f o r e v e r to fully dim. Also, my LED bulbs don’t cooperate with my GE dimmers (other brands might). Hope this helps.

The device class features FAQ discusses the different features of various brands and might be of interest. The light switch discussion starts around post 40 in that thread.

I’m doing something similar but in the garage however that has a bug. I have the lights set to come on when the Arlo see’s motion in the garage then turn off after 10 mins of no motion. The bug is that the Arlo sees the lights turning off as motion and turns them back on again. This wasn’t happening previously when I used the wireless Arlo in the garage but I recently moved that one outside and put one of the plug in nest clone cameras in the garage. Super annoying, probably will find a different motion sensor to use.