Netatmo Welcome Facial Recognition Security Camera $49.75

I finally got ahold of CS. Seems that their in-house payment processing went down so they need to resubmit them all manually. According to the rep my labels are already printed &they will arrive Wednesday. No email or anything shown on FedEx yet though.

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Switched to the Utica NY store and they have some sort of promotion going which dropped it to $20 bucks.
I got excited and called Lowes sales, and have the sales talk to them, but the store doesn’t want to deal with shipping.
The sales lady was nice enough to help me find a store that has it for 49.99 (free shipping), and help me placed order.


This is crazy… Mine arrives tomorrow. Fedex has it and it’s in transit…

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Mine is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday

Fedex has mine and due here Wed.

looks like mine is actually shipping wow - now what to do with this thing lol

Did you actually make the trip to there or you find someone willing to ship it?

I’m holding out hope that somebody cracks their API, so far the IFTTT channel is extremely limited. You can set Sono to play a different song/playlist depending on who it sees arrive.
I got notice of shipment from Fedex and got excited until I opened it and saw it was GH Mini not Cams. So much for Lowe’s CS claim that the labels had already been printed and they would be arriving today. Now what to do with GH mini, since I still have 2 of its big brothers sitting NIB waiting for me to figure out what to do with them.

oh wow… that’s really surprising. :slight_smile: You should keep the mini’s and ask them to ship your camera. :slight_smile:

Different shipper. I just got the FedEx " you have a package coming" notice and wrongfully ass-u-me’d that is was from Lowe’s since they use Fedex. Like I said, once I opened the notification I saw it was GH mini from Sprawlmart not cams from Lowe’s.
I was more surprised GH Mini was being delivered 12 days before the scheduled release date of 10/29.

Mine has arrived. I am opening the box … It can be connected via ethernet. Major bonus over many other cams…

Update: it’s a camera in the body of the base weather station.


Mine arrived, I haven’t opened the box yet


Mine too. There’s some integration in webcore for the weather station. Anythings for the camera?

Not yet! But will certainly be exploring the API

Note that they have different MAC addresses for LAN and Wifi. If you set it up for WiFi you need to set it up again in app if you plug it into LAN ( Turn it upside down until blue etc etc ) It will NOT recognize hardwire if you just plug it in.

Yes wisdom learned by experience. I set them all up and then moved them around to their perm homes and then wondered why the hardwired ones were still on WiFi until I went and set them up again

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Hmmm…I thought set up went well, untill this: “Cannot load M3U8 crossdomain access denied”.

Seem to be Security related… Maybe Browser or Firewall…

It soundz like a router issue. I’ll have to look into it. Is not working on Android or Windows

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Just dropping this here for cross reference

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Since there is an API there should be a way right? Just need bigger brains then mine. And someone with that bigger brain to be board and integrate it wiih ST.