Netatmo Integration

I am a very new smart things user, i gotta say am a little peeved and surprised with how broke some of the integration’s are and are being advertised as working in the marketing blurb, when they do not.

So i have some issues with the Netatmo integration, when trying to add the integration i get a error 500 regardig the oauth key, i saw the post regarding a workaround for UK users, but i am unable to do that either, in the IDE when selecting the Netatmo when selecting from a template i am unable to select any of the Netatmo smart apps or devices, when clicking nothing happens and the code from the previously selected template is still shown.

I saw others reporting back that even though they had it working it stopped after a few days. i think potentially i may know how to resolve that, but to be blunt i don’t want to start from scratch for the integration, working of existing code would be helpful, but i cant get to it. does anyone know why this is the case? its not just an issue with netatmo but quite a few others aswell

and does anyone have the code who can send me it or the smart apps and devices so i can start on getting this up and running?

I just setup my new Netatmo station today and had no issues. I’ll keep an eye on though.

I would agree. As a long time SmartThings user it does get frustrating. The Netatmo integration has been broke for some time now. I ended up removing it because it wouldn’t update.

Matt, are you UK or US based? I think Netatmo plugin is broken for UK users completely. As for it not updating as an openhab user I know why that is as the web app only asks for username and password etc… The openhab integration has a rekey for the oauth to apply for a new oauth key. If I could get at the source of the Netatmo integration I reckon could resolve it.

I’m US based. If I can do anything to help troubleshoot let me know.

ok i got a copy of the netatmo source from the github repo. and have amended the oauth URL. we will see what happens, and see if oauth fails after a few days when the oauth rekeys

Hey Stuart, I totally had the same issue with selecting the apps to get the code, I had a rep get back to me in a couple days when I contacted support and they loaded it for me, they still haven’t fixed any other selections so I would recommend sending them a list of the code you want, if you don’t get it in time I can post for you as well. In regards to your netatmo can you explain your work around because mine keeps dropping calls all the time not sure why twice a day I have to go back and reconnect it to the smart things app.

@wwolodko cheers for that…i did manage to get that and all the code by signing up to github and syncing the SmartthingsPublic repository to my local machine. i am using this regularly as its gold.