Netatmo connect

anyone else having problems with it. 2 times this morning it has gone down and the usual going in to re-authenticate fixes it, but still annoying.

This has been an issue for a while now. Quick search returns the following:

I would like to follow up on my last post, i finally got the workaround for Netatmo working in the UK, but as of yet have not had it fail to update yet. maybe i’ve been lucky so far? who knows? but if so it would be the only thing yet i have been lucky with

@Fuzzyligic, could you please link me / paste the device type / smartapp and instructions you used? I’ve got my Netatmo in the UK, but am unable to get it working?

I don’t know what they changed, but its been stable for 2 days now.


Device Types

make sure when you copy and paste that you do so from the raw option

Great, thanks- i’m actually in the middle of re-writing the Netatmo device type, as I thought the current integration didnt work. I’ll give this ago and see what happens. If its still clunky, i’ll continue my development.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Looks like its working for me! One note, I had to do two things:

Change line 14 to:

private getServerUrl() 		{ "" }

Click ‘App Settings’ -> ‘oAuth’ -> ‘Enable oAuth’

Done! thanks :smiley:

anyone else having issues today, its gone down 3 times this morning.

nope mine is still ticking

Mine no longer runs. As far as I can tell my Smartthings is running the latest firmware so I do not know why I am getting this error!

That error has been reported. It seems some users in the US have errornously more than one location. One is listed with a firmware version of 0 @CyrilPerronet has reported the same issue to ST support

Tom, followed your instructions and attempting to install Netatmo Connect takes me to a blank page when selecting ‘tap to enter credentials’ - any ideas on why I can’t seem to get any further?

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Yes, I have the same issue! Driving me crazy figuring out what to do next. Reading lots of discussion but nothing related on resolving.

bringing this back to the top. mine has been working flawlessly for months, and then yesterday at 6pm EST, it stopped working, and now all I get is the white screen to enter credentials as mentioned above.

sent email to support, so I guess we will see. it would be nice to know what caused this when it happens.

You’re not alone… it happened to me too about 6 PM Eastern… I also sent an email to support.

I’ve been using an indoor module as a temperature sensor in my master bedroom to control a fan and because the temperature hasn’t updated since last night at 6 PM the fan was not turning off… My wife made a comment and was annoyed… and that annoys me even more…

I also tried to add a SmartThings SmartSense Motion Sensor (with temperature) to us as a backup/alternative but it was not being recognized…

its irritating for me since I just installed a new HVAC system and im trying to monitor its efficiency. then my electric provider’s smart energy dashboard has been down for the last 4 days, so I have no clue if this things that I just dropped a bunch of money on is using a ton of electricity to maintain certain temps…

My outdoor module stopped updating ST about two months ago. Never looked into it much. The indoors still update but aren’t particularly timely.

Batteries are probably dead if one is and one isn’t.