Is Netatmo Integration ever going to be fixed?

Service Status still shows an issue with Netatmo device integration. Is this ever going to fix? Is there any other third party work around? Don’t want to have to resort to IFTTT.

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I’ve been wondering the same. Really annoying not being able to use this integration.

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It has been broken since November 27th. Still nothing from SmartThings. I did reach out to Netatmo and was informed the issue is on SmartThings end not updating the authentication/token process. Netatmo change methods the beginning of November and the cut off, you guessed it, was November 27th.

This is sad. I bought the Netatmo stuff just for the integration with Smartthings. It used to change my light red for a hot day in the morning and blue for a rainy day. Now nothing.

I removed my Netatmo devices. I love my hub, but this chips away at it’s usefulness. Either support it directly, or let the community do it, but don’t block it completely.

Is Netatmo integration removed from ST? My Netatmo stopped refresh temp. in ST since yesterday, weird. It was all working fine until couple days ago.

Thought if I removed it and add back in would fix it, now can’t find the integration device anywhere in ST. Do I must go to Github looking for it?

Has there been a blocking going on between Netatmo and ST? I’m a bit outdated from this community.

Yes. Smartthings has officially removed the support.

Netatmo have had issue with their API the last couple of days. Should be fixed now

And yes, they have removed the official support.

We never had Netatmo in the UK, but we had a workaround. I have modified and added new features to the Netatmo integration

Thanks, I’m in US yet only your work let me getting back Netatmo into ST. It’s down for last two days but already back in service since the weekend.

The odd thing is I had the official dht installed and working until about a week or so ago.

I get a webview not on device error when I try to enter my credentials. Haven’t received any assistance yet in any threads. Be nice to get this going, so close.

@Joe_Mcnelly I get the same wedcore not on device error? any idea what that is and how to correct it. Thanks

@cscheiene was looking into it, so far the work around is to do the login portion on an iOS device.

@Joe_Mcnelly I try on a Ipad and it getting going back to the home page. I will delete it and try again.

Took me a few tries on iOS because I messed around with so much stuff on the netatmo app website, I ended up creating a new app and it worked

@Joe_Mcnelly Can you share the app?

It’s just the app they have you make in the steps with the client ID and secret step

If the server url is not entered correctly in the app settings you will get the webview error