Netatmo Additional Modules

I have a number of additional Netatmo modules which are shown and selectable during installation.

However, only two devices are created; one for the base station, another for the outdoor module.

How do I get access to the other modules?

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Any updates on additional modules?

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Waiting on some things from the ST side (looks at @urman)

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Incredibly eager to be able to use my additional modules with my hybrid keep me cozy ii app. The temp sensor in the new motion modules is not accurate enough, and doesn’t update frequently enough to drive your HVAC system. I did find that the Aeon motion with temp/humidity/luminance is a much better gauge for HVAC control. It updates much more frequently and doesn’t have major jumps. That being said, my main Netatmo indoor unit is ideal and my plan is to average my three additional modules in each of my upstairs bedrooms.


Any update on the additional modules? I got 3 modules for Christmas and am itching to get them into STs lol.

Happy new year!!

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Nothing new to report on my end. Hopefully after CES @urman will have a free moment.


This is a very important part of my desired solution and one that I invested in to the tune of $175 for the base module and 3x$75 for the additional modules plus $50 for a rain gauge for a total of $450. I did this because Netatmo and ST claimed that they were integrated. Nobody mentioned that the integration was incomplete with no completion in sight. Obviously I would have considered other options if I had known that 4 of my 6 modules or fully 2/3 of my investment was in fact not integrated.

I know people are busy and there are higher priorities and I am truly asking simply for the people in the know to be straight with me so I can make an informed decision.

Is this even a blip on the radar? Can I expect that the integration that is claimed on both the ST and Netatmo sites will remain anything but vaporware? It’s been 4 months and all I hear is that this is phase 2 and there is no ETA. Can you try to put yourself in our shoes and give us some high level idea of whether or not this is ever going to come and loosely when?

I would really appreciate some candor. The unresponsiveness is what is frustrating. If I should come to the realization that I wasted my money I would rather do that now instead of it being dragged out.


@tslagle13 @krv Since I don’t have the additional hardware, I can’t test against it, but if one or both of you would be willing to invite me to use your stations, I can try to add support for the additional modules. My email is if you’re willing to invite me.

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@dianoga check your email. :smile:

I added you as well.

@Dianoga Could the offer apply to getting the Netatmo THERMOSTAT on the ST ecosystem too? :smiley: if that’s so… I’m adding you in a jiffy!

My initial focus is going to be on the weather modules as I should be able to add those quickly. A thermostat is more complicated.

I see… in any case I sent ya an invite…

Just don’t freeze/roast us! lol!

I just submitted the updates to ST.


So no more than 13 months? lol

@Dianoga, you are the man. Did your fix by any chance address the current bug with authorizing to Netatmo? I uninstalled your smart app today and reinstalled it and the last step of the authorization fails. I am assuming because Netatmo did a site redesign. I opened a ticket and “Ryan” from tech support told me this was a known issue and there was no fix in site. At least he said sorry. :frowning:

So the current implementation is 100% busted.

I tested my new code and it works properly. It hasn’t been published yet, so it isn’t available to everyone. This is the first I’m hearing of authorization issues.

Like I said, you are the man. I really appreciate it. Did you happen to uninstall the integration and readd it, forcing you to go through the authentication again? Ryan from tech support said it worked fine unless you had to go through this step. I asked Ryan if he could expedite pushing your new app. Thanks again.

I just got my netatmo the other day, neat little device. Anyone have a suggestion on where to put the indoor module? I currently have in in my living, my nest is in the living room so I think the next best place is the bedroom. Anyone else have netatmo and nest working in some kind of setup. I wouldn’t even know where to put another module. Basement?

@Dianoga @Tyler

is there anyway we can get the device type for the netatmo published? I want to change some things around so I can label the tiles. Having all this temp data is nice but i can’t see it anywhere and when i want to know a specific temp value for outside, inside etc… i have to remember/click into the specifc devices to find the correct device.