[OBSOLETE] Netatmo Weather Station

I have modified existing Netatmo Connect smartapp and DTH.

  • Added support for Sound Pressure Level capability to basestation
  • Added support for windmodule to the smartapp
  • Added support for min/max temp to the smartapp
  • Added min/max temp to the base, outdoor and additional module
  • Added “Carbon Dioxide Measurement” capability to additional module and basestation
  • Added current units in use to the rain module
  • Created new DTH for the Windmodule
  • Updated layout for the Basestation, outdoor module, additional module and rain module
  • Fixes to refresh button
  • Other minor tweaks and mods
  • Added Battery status
  • Added support for favourites (Thanks to @dudz40) You can now select your favourite stations and add them as modules in Smartthings
  • Added support for temperature trend
  • Added support for pressure trend
  • Added last update time, thanks to @SBDOBRESCU
  • Added support for Netatmo Health Coach, see code by @SBDOBRESCU at the bottom of the post
  • Added option to select 12/24 hour clock
  • Added Max Wind timestamp
  • Added custom capabilites and layout for the new ST app

The smartapp can be found here:

And the DTH:

How to install:

Go to this link and login to start creating a Netatmo DEV app:


In the “Create an application” page, just fill in what you like for the app name and description e.g. smartthings connect, agree to the terms of use and hit the create button.

In your newly created app, note down the clientID and secret, we’ll need it later in smart things

Now log into the SmartThings IDE:


Click into “My SmartApps” and then click “New SmartApp”

Click “From Code”, paste in the code from Github then click “create” Then click on “Save” and then “publish” —> “For Me”

Click on the “App Settings” button and click “settings” on the next page.

Enter the “ClientID” and “Secret” that you obtained previously when you created your Netatmo DEV app.
Also enter “serverUrl”, I use https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ even if I am on the UK servers. If you are having problems later on, try the adress your hub is connected to. If this adress is not correct you might get a “webview missing on device” error on your Android device

NA01: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/
NA02: https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/
NA04: https://graph-na04-useast2.api.smartthings.com/
EU01: https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/
AP02: https://graph-ap02-apnortheast2/

Click on OAuth and enable it, press “Update” at the bottom of the page

Go back in to the online ST IDE and in the “My Device Handlers” section, click on the “Create New Device Handler”
Click “From Code”, paste in the code from the DTH from Github then click “create”. Click on “Save” and then “publish” —> “For Me”. Repeat for all DTH

On your ST app, add the Smartapp and follow the instructions in the app.

Now you should be able to use the app as intended to install your netatmo weather station devices into ST

Health Coach

@SBDOBRESCU have addded support for the Netatmo Health Coach.
Install the Smartapp and DTH from here:





bug apiGet: Call failed org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connect to api.netatmo.com:443 [api.netatmo.com/, api.netatmo.com/] failed: Connection refused

That’s my log output. Just sits on the connect to netatmo screen.

Did you already have Netatmo installed on Smartthings, or did you do a fresh install?

Still running into this error after logging in and accepting 3rd party integration

{“error”:true,“type”:“java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException”,“message”:“An unexpected error occurred.”}

Any ideas?

Did you just update your existing netatmo connect installation, or did you do a clean install?

Clean install.

Ok, I will try to make some install instructions later today for new installations.

If you want, you can have a look at this thread:

@the2352 and @MacBenTosh I have updated the first post with installation instructions

Does it matter that we are in the US?

Still running into same issues. Clean install, followed install instructions - ideas?

I dont know if this will work in the US. You guys have official integration, we in the UK don’t.

In the US you have different shards for your IDE. Modify the instructions and use your shard when installing the smartapp and DTH. Also try to use your shard in the settings. Make sure you install the app from “my apps” in marketplace, not the official one. Also make sure that you are on the latest version from github, I made some bug fixes yesterday.

Where in the process are you receiving error messages?

followed it to the letter but I get a java error

Where in the process do you get the error? Screenshot?

I receive the error after logging in to my Netatmo account and accepting the 3rd party application integration.

So this is just after entering your Netatmo credentials, logging in, then pressing “Yes” to accept the integration?

I just did a clean install and did not receive any error messages.

Did you try the different addresses in the “serverUrl” field in the settings? You might even have another adress than the two listed in the instructions that you use to log in to IDE. Try them all if you have not already, and make sure your client ID and secret are correct and that Oauth is enabled in the settings.

Can you also have live logging open and see if there is any additional messages there when you try it.


Any chance of you updating this to also support netatmo thermostat?

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Sorry, I don’t think I have the time or skills to do this at the moment.

Works like a charm, dont have the wind module, but the rest works fine.

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I was wondering about the thermostat which is not included :frowning:

If I ever get the thermostat I will have a look at it, but at the moment I will focus on the weatherstation