Nest device type question

(Sean Murray) #1

I currently have my nest thermostat integrated into SmartThings simply to allow it to trigger the thermostat home and away modes whenever my hub goes into home or away modes. I don’t actually want to control the thermostat through SmartThings as I’ve yet to find a way that isn’t clunky and awkward. If I need to make changes with my phone I can simply use the Nest app. Given that I don’t need to actually control the thermostat, is there a way to have it trigger away mode without actually having the thermostat installed as a “thing”?

(Brian Smith) #2

Unfortunately not, as far as I know. In this case, you need a device to change modes. Things represent the devices that Smart Apps act upon. So, the thing is needed.

(Duncan) #3

Maybe you could use IFTTT?

(Sean Murray) #4

Thought of that, but unfortunately couldn’t figure out how to make it work. It doesn’t look like IFTTT allows you to change modes on the Nest, and also I couldn’t figure out how to have IFTTT trigged by a hello, home action.