Nest Thermostat not Refreshing/Polling automatically with v2 hub

I have installed a few nest thermostats lately. They will get data whenever the refresh button in the mobile app is pressed. However, I seem to remember that they used to automatically refresh periodically in the past. Is there a way to get this functionality back? I’m using the v2 hub and having to reinstall everything so perhaps I lost whatever was doing it before…

Use Pollster. I don’t recall the Nest device type auto refreshing and I am still on the v1 hub.

That must be it. I thought that I’d checked and was only using it for the weather station app before but must have missed it.

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Just fyi pollster will just stop working after a while also. ST has a really messed up ability when it comes to polling and scheduled events. Making the Automation part of HA really hard to accomplish.

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Yes, good point. Although Pollster’s author (@geko) has improved the app to restart itself, it still does occasionally die. I had it die this weekend and had to reinitialize.

Cool, I thought he stopped supporting it. I have to get the latest version. I read on this community there is an app that uses event subscription from other devices which I like because I have a Aeon smart Switch that is very reliable in it’s posting of data according to a schedule. I need to investigate that option more.

Yes, I only have had Pollster die twice in maybe 2 months since the code was updated. I got one of those Aeon Smart Switches yesterday to monitor my washing machine. It reports every 5 minutes along as their is changes. So far, so good.

You’re right. SmartThings does not make it easy, does it? Someone suggested using sunrise/sunset events to restart Pollster, if it gets stuck. I’ll try it in the next version.

That’s actually a good idea, which means worst case scenario, your Pollster is only dead for 12 hours :smile:

That is a good idea. Is it possible to have pollster restart with mode changes?

@geko What about tying pollster to some device which has reliable events ? For example my Aeon Smart Switch is VERY reliable about posting it’s data according to the rate I have configured, every 5min for example. I would love to be able to say when X device reports poll the following devices … I have been considering writing this but it sounds so close to pollster I wanted to see what you think about this.