Issue with Nest on ST


Total idiot with coding and this is my first post on ST community. I recent added my Nest to my ST with little issue. My question is this:
Is there anyway to update its polling (assume thats the proper term)? Meaning it does auto update the true temp. in the application. I have smartapps that run based on temp. data but i have to manually select Nest Thermo and force it to update. Is this just the way it works since Nest isn’t officially supported is can I tweak it to reflect live status and temps? Thanks for looking and for any help given.

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Polling doesn’t really work in SmartThings. Never has. It will always get stuck.


So the way mine is operating now is the best we can all do until/if Nest officially supports

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Probably still won’t work right. Schedules and polling have been problem spots in SmartThings since I came on board over a year ago. I am using the Polster SmartApp to poll my stats every 20 minutes but they still get stuck; sometimes for hours… even DAYS!


Is Polster an application in ST i can use? Or is it a code that was independently written and has to be added manually? Is it worth it?

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You’ll need to install it from the IDE (sorry, can’t remember the author’s name). It’s better than nothing.


Will do, Thanks for the 411!!

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Pollster install instructions can be found here:


I found it, Thanks though!! I appreciate it! I got it installed but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.Not quite sure I’ve set it up right on the ST mobile Application. :

Polling Group 1
Select devices to be polled: Nest
Select devices to be refreshed: Living Room Fan
Set at 5 minutes intervals.

However I can see the temp on my nest increase and the ST mobile application temperature doesn’t move until I manually go to things and hit the Nest gear icon and then click on Refresh button. What have I done wrong?? I could care less about the Living Room fan but Nest is only an option on the “Select devices for polling” Any ideas?

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Even using pollster my nest doesn’t always poll correctly… It will work for a month and then will stop working then start again… No sure why…