Tile auto refresh?

Hello, could you please tell me how i can auto refresh a tile?
I have a device that does an http get and gets data. I have the capabilities as polling and refresh. When i run the simulator pressing poll or refresh updates the tile with the correct data. I would want to “auto poll or auto refresh” every few seconds lets say 5 the tile wothout having to press refresh. I though by setting the polling and refreshing calls the command by default but i think thats not the case? What am i doing wrong?
Thanks in advance

You need Pollster.

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Thanks for the reply i saw pollster but was not sure if i should use or not since it was stopped development since it was not following the rules of ST from what I understand. Also i saw that it crashes sometimes and this wouldnt work that good. Would subscribe or something else help?

When it comes to any web devices, local or cloud you only have 2 options to get them to refresh. 1 is pollster, the app just works and doesn’t need any updates. 2 write your own smartapp to refresh/poll your device.

If the device itself doesn’t get updates, there are no events to subscribe to… So no subscribe won’t work here.

Thanks, i will give pollster a try then

just wanted to say i tried pollster and everything works perfect! love that app! is there anyway to make it poll faster than a minute? i would want something like 30 sec

Anyone know how to poll a single device? I’ve tried to change the code a bit with pollester but can’t seem to figure out the syntax to do a single device refresh.

Do you want to poll a single device using Pollster? That’s as simple as assigning a single device to a group in Pollster.

If you want to add polling to a SmartApp you’re writing, use:


That will work for any device that has a Polling as a capability. Some devices use Refresh to do the same thing. That would be:


@takissd Pollster is designed to work in 1 minute refreshes because anything more can start to affect overall performance of your mesh, and also because ST does not reliably trigger scheduled events faster than 60s. As a general point, ST has not been stellar with scheduled events for some time now. I would look at you system and see if you can rewrite your code to somehow “report” your changes to ST (perhaps with virtual devices, etc.).

hello thanks for the email, yes i figured this out, 1 min is good enough actually. Pollster keeps on stopping though, i am using another app called watchdog that restarts the timer, when an event happens if its tossed, like an action at home or temperature change etc.

@takissd I’m rewritting the pollster app myself. I just want to poll a api for my solar panel. I’ll post the code if your interested.

@NorCalLights I’ll give that I shot. I thought I tired that already but it didn’t work. I’ll try again tonight. BTW, how did you all find the methods? I’ve looked over the documentation and I didn’t see this anywhere. I’d be interested to see what else I could do.

This is too funny. Ya… I have it working. Sorry to trouble everyone with such a stupid problem on my end.

Methods are based on the capabilities of the device type. Listed here:

Ya. Ok, my apps all done.

I basically just wanted to poll a single device but only during the day. I have solar panels and I needed to poll the device every 8 minutes throughout the time it is daylight.

So - Now the polling app is so much more stable. I’m happy now :smile: