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Hi, I am new here and I have setup the Nest Thermostat using code.

Looks great and seems to work…but does not auto refresh.

Is this the best code to use for Nest?

Also, I have 2 Protects…any way to get them to work with ST?

Well, make sure you have the latest code for the Nest from his github account Here.
There is also a Protect DeviceType found here.

There isn’t anything I know of (yet) that uses the official API. However, the last few days I’ve been working on exactly that. It will still be a bit before it’s complete. Currently you can “Connect to Nest” using PIN code verification only. This is because Nest doesn’t allow for dynamic redirect URL. It’s an extra step, but not that big of a deal.

The SmartApp then lists all of your Thermostats and Protects, allowing you to select which to add. All that works so far. I have two DeviceTypes based off the code from Nick and dianoga, but they are not complete.

Now, once complete, the issue I have is that I can’t provide the SmartApp code as is for everyone. The reason is that it requires secret urls and verification codes for direct access to Nest. I would have to try and get the app officially published so that this remains hidden. The other option will be to provide the code, less this information. It would then be up to the user to create their own nest developer account and client - then filling in the info as necessary. This does however defeat most of the purpose of the SmartApp - trying to make it easier for the end user.

Use Pollster to handle automatically refresh.

Thanks, let me make sure I am on the current code and I will look at the Protect link.

Already have it running :slight_smile:

Works great

Thanks, now I have my T-Stat and my 2 Protect in there…now just need to figure out how to use them in ST.

I guess just alerting me if there is an issue???

Any suggestions?

@tracstarr Just so you know, someday there will be an official integration that uses the official API. It’s already been written and is just waiting for the people at ST to make the changes necessary to publish it for everyone. It will include support for both thermostats and protects.

I’m hoping that day isn’t too far out, but I’ve been hoping that for a while now.

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@Dianoga that’s good to hear. I’m surprised it’s taking so long. That being said I’ll continue with my project more to learn how to write apps and devices. It just seemed like the best place for me to start. The bigger end goal is insteon integration with a PLM running a LAN service. But that’s a big first step :smile: