Nest Manager on the new smarthings app

So I can see that Nest manager is integrated and published under my apps on smart things web but I can’t find it when I go into the new smart things app!!? I can’t even find any smart apps on the new ST app…thank you for your help


Use the old app

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It’s a service manager app, you will find it under " Connected Services". Hit the gear in the upper right corner, then click on “Connected Services”.

I did and its showing now on the app. thanks!! But it’s showing an error with the following message :
Client ID and Secret Are both missing>
The built-in Client ID and Secret can no longer be provided!!

Any idea how can i overcome this error?

Many thanks

Nest thermostats and Protects will not load for me in the new app. Cameras do.

My Nest Thermostats and protects work fine in STSC

I get this for Protects and Thermos:

Try opening those devices in the classic app, go to settings and click save. Then refresh the STSC app

Thanks. I gave it a try but I still get the same error.

Sorry to the OP for hijacking the thread but I did feel it was relevant.

NSTManager is up-to-date? Only other thought is to remove the protect in nst manager, wait a few minutes for it to delete, then re-add it in nst manager again?

It is, yes.

I can try that when I get some time.


BTW, I tried logging out and back in on the new app which didn’t help but I did lose the order of my rooms. Sigh.