Nest Manager Help My Home

I had the older Nest Manager installed and today I added the newest version. So far I can go under Marketplace, Nest Manager, and I can view everything like My home location, my physical devices such as 4 protects and 1 camera. When I go to my home though I don’t see any of the devices in the list. Am I missing something?

Thank you for the time and help

instead of Marketplace, go to Automation > SmartApps > NST Manager and select all your devices and save/done. Then check your Things list in Home.

Also, best place to look for or ask questions is in the NST Manager thread

Thank you. I will post in there. I tried going to automation and following your steps and I’m still not seeing the devices.

are you going into Manage/View Devices and selecting them, then follow the prompts at the top.

Yea I went to manage/view devices. Then I went under select devices and clicked the nest protects. All four are selected with a check mark.

in Things, did you click on Add a Device?

No. Am I supposed to go to things and add a device and look for the nest protects?

try :slight_smile:

Nothing it just keeps spinning. :exploding_head:

hopefully one of the developers will be able to assist you in the other thread

Thank you!

It would be good to see IDE “Live logging” on what is happening when you go into NST manager and hit done. You can send this via private message to keep your information private.