Nest Manager -- how to install?

Hi guys, I’m having trouble updating to the Nest Manager 5.0.4 through the market place. Does anyone know how I can get the ? I believe coping and pasting might do the trick. I’ve try everything through the Github but to no avail.

Thanks for the help.

You will have to copy and paste the code from github for the smart app and each smart device.

Thanks for the replied. I did check on github but didn’t find it - I’ll check it again.


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Follow the link above and pay attention to the instructions. Remember to enable oauth and you should be OK.

Thanks Jugs!

Thanks E.!

After creating the Nest Development ID and pasting it in, i think i made an error by refreshing the client secret. It still tells me I’m missing the Client ID and Secret when i try to install the App in the marketplace. Anyone have any tips on how to fix this? This is my first attempt at anything like this, but followed the instructions closely.

If you have any questions or issues, use the official thread for NST Manager moving forward. I will post that thread at the bottom. You will get a quicker response by doing so :slight_smile:

With that said, where did you paste the Product ID and Product Secret to in NST Manager? Did you paste it under Settings?

Is this a brand new install, or did you previously have this installed?

Yes, in settings used the clientId and clientSecret lines to paste the data directly from the nest developer page. I also typed it in by hand just in case. either way the values are correct. thanks for posting my comment, now i just have to find the thread!

The thread I pasted above is clickable. Just click on that and scroll to the bottom.

I can work with you here for this issue though so it’s easier.