Nest Manager not updating?

Hi everyone. Been a while since I’ve posted, everything’s been working nicely. I realised recently that my Nest manager isn’t updating etc and it’s still on version 5.3.5

When I want to update my webcore in My Smartapps on the IDE it’s easy to click Update from Repo etc.

Maybe I set up the NEST MANAGER wrongly/differently but why isn’t this option available for Nest Manager? I can’t remember how I set up Next manager… :frowning:

Any help appreciated.

I think I might have solved it.

I went into the repositories, entered the information for teonesto etc and nest manager, and updated. It now seems to be the latest version!

Have I done the right thing? I was worried it would create a duplicate and I’d have to delete the old installation, potentially messing up all my pistons etc.

I’m having a similar problem and wanted to know specifically what changes you made? IDE repositories are to tonesto|nest manager|main. Appears to be linked to a fork in my github account as opposed to the original developer repository.