Nest Integration with SmartThings problem

I have ‘New’ Smartthings app and Nest is migrated to Google

I added my two Nest E Thermostats to Smarthings about 2 weeks ago
A few days ago, one of the Thermostats showed unavailable in ST
I removed the device and then tried to add it back it - it will not show up at all now
In the linked services Nest Is authorized - and both Thermostats show up in the listed devices and both are enabled to use.
But ST will not see that one at all.
I have deleted the link and re-established it - again it only sees the one it still did before, but will not see that ‘problem’ one.
I even tried deleting the link again and re-establishing with only the ‘problem’ thermostat enabled to share. That completed the Nest Link process but again the device itself doe not show up in ST
Interesting to note that this same device DOES show up in Alexa.

Suggestions please as to why this one device will not appear in my ST devices and what I can do to restore it?

try this…

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Thank you @jkp
I reset the device completely and re-added it my Google Account
Then deleting the working one from ST (so I could go through the services set up again)
While authorizing, could see the (what was now new) Thermostat unchecked - checked that and completed the process and both thermostats now appeared in ST
Really weird as to what happened in the interim - especially since while problem was present, the google linking showed that second T’stat already available, but for whatever reason not being recognized by ST - but the device reset and new connection to Google account took care of it

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