Nest not showing up in Smartthings home screen of devices

Hi, I have 2 Nest thermostats in my home and I also use Smartthings as my hub. I followed all the instructions and finished integrating Nest to Smartthings, but I am seeing a small issue. Only 1 of the Nest thermostat is showing up in Smartthings. I reset Nest from linked services and tried to integrate the 1 Nest that failed to show up and I received a message saying integration was successful, but no device shows up on the Smartthings home screen of devices.

Anyone else having similar issues? If so, how did you resolve this issue?

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Are you still able to control the Nest Thermostat devices using the Nest App?

You can confirm the onboarding process of the integration was successful by visiting the link below to ensure permissions to access were granted.

Confirm nest onboarding here:
Select Smart Things > Verify that Smart Things has permission to access Next.

If the symptoms persist, I would then recommend reaching out to Nest directly for further assistance.

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Yes. I can control BOTH nest thermostats from the nest app. This was never affected.

Using the link you provided, I was able to confirm that both nest thermostats were successfully integrated for both Smart Things and Alexa. Both thermostats are turned on.

Here is one more thing I did notice after I posted this question and this may be important. I purchased both these Nest thermostats through Amazon from the same retailer. I noticed that one box was labeled Google Nest while one box was not. Both are 3rd Gen and appear as such on the Nest App.

I am not familiar with how these devices are affected or if they are programmed differently since Google took over… However, I am now wondering… could this be the reason the Nest that came in the Google labeled box is showing up in SmartThings app while the Nest that came in a non-Google labeled box isn’t showing up in the Smart Things app?

Thank you for confirming that information and providing the additional details.

As you currently have functions of the Nest Thermostat with the packaging branded with Google in the ST App, your symptom would need to be reported to Nest.

At this time, I would recommend reaching out directly to Google Nest to confirm the second model code for the non-google packaged device is able to be integrated.

You can reached out to them directly here at this link:

I hope this message finds you well!


Same here the Gnest app doesn’t show at all in smartthings app list, in the description when I buy Google nest learning thermostat said it will work just fine. Don’t trust any more on Samsung?