Google nest thermostats no longer show in ST

Yesterday I could add my google thermostats into automations for being home or away. Today I opened up the automations and the google thermestats had like only 2 options to adjust instead of the 6 from before. I uninstalled the thermostats from ST, google home, and nest and reinstalled them all. Now ST doesnt even see the thermostats at all and I cant add them to the automations

What do I do?

did you remove the linked service? Then add it back. tap on Menu, tap on Settings (the cog) and select Linked Services and remove Nest.

iOS or Android app? I still see 6 options in Routines in the iOS app.

mine is still there on android .

before I saw 6 options too, now I only see 2 for some reason

did you get the thermostats back?

ios or Android? which version of the app?

I disconeccted nest. When I went to voice assistant and clicked google assistant and readded it, it doesn’t show any of my google home or google nest devices :confused: any ideas?

in the ST app, tap on Menu, tap on Settings (the cog) and open Linked Services… remove the Nest integration there. Then add it back from the ST app > Add Device > by brand > Nest.

Now part of the AC gives me options and one AC doesnt